My passion, your advantage:

Working in aircraft construction requires a lot of experience in addition to passion and an absolute quality standard. Especially in light aircraft construction, where every gram counts,
it is important to find innovative solutions and that is exactly what my heart beats for.
  • Repair, modification and maintenance of motor and sailplanes, selection of models: CT2K, CTSW, CTLS, CTSL, VL3, Dyn'Aéro MCR4S, MD-3 Rider, Fascination, Xtreme Air XA 41 / XA 42, Extra 330 LE, ASK 21, ASH25-EB28, ASW 20, Ventus, Discus, Astir, Puchacz, Junior
  • Painting of aircraft with different paint systems based on polyester, polyurethane and acrylic and then finishing Restoration of the interior decoration with special painting techniques and processing of special paints such as Nextel, Alexit
  • Original model and mold construction, selection: door for cargo pod, cowling, cycling shoes Exchange of plexiglass panes and hoods
  • Planning and coordination of work processes in workshops Creation of daily and weekly plans for the internal workflow Documentation and optimization of work processes
  • Maintenance, repair of tools, machines and workrooms
  • Recovery and loading of aircraft Assessment of aircraft breakdowns, expense planning for repairs
  • Adaptation and conversion work on customer request, selection: installation of landing lights, conversion of air inlets on cowling, I-Pilz modification
  • Development of repair and manufacturing instructions Training of apprentices and training of new employees
  • Transfer of theoretical knowledge with a focus on fiber composite technology, e.g. weave types, fiber direction, resin systems, fillers, etc.
  • Training of manual skills: lamination, painting, grinding, shafting

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