"My goal is the development and production of innovative aircraft models and the passion to take others into the exciting world of fibers and resins."

About me

Hello, everybody,

My name is René Rosentraeger. Flying and model aircrafts have fascinated me since I was 14. My first engine model was so heavy that my father was amused that the tires were worn out before it came into the air for the first time. That was about to change. After the balsa wood I soon became acquainted with epoxy and Co... There was immediately a connection between me and the fibre plastics. The enormous freedom in creating moulds and components from these materials fascinates me continuously.

Lightweight fibre composite constructions perfectly matched to their purpose are my world.

I am driven by the interplay of fibre composite materials, innovative construction techniques and applied aerodynamics.

My passion for everything that flies, my fascination for modern materials and my desire to work with craftsmanship did not make my career choice difficult. After my successful training as a light aircraft builder, I was able to gain a lot of experience in the repair and production of aircraft in more than ten professional years - worldwide.

But model flying never let me go. It is precisely here that it is possible to develop something new at a reasonable cost and to explore the limits of what is possible without great danger.


René Rosentraeger

Am Flugplatz 4

15374 Müncheberg


Instagram: @rene_rosentraeger

LinkedIn: René Rosentraeger